10 on 10 (The Dam Run)

6:00 am: Coffee fuels my run

6:30 am: A little pre-run encouragement

7:00 am: The Dam Community includes dogs running their owners

7:15 am: The middle 

7:17 am: The sunrise is glorious every stinkin’ morning 

7:47 am: Running with my Beloved is such a treat

8:03 am: I love my ‘hood

8:14 am: I’m not fast but I can go for a long time

8:52 am: Finally done

9:05 am: Post-run stre-e-e-e-e-e-e-tch
Telling a story is my favorite. I’m blogging with a group of talented photographers who are all telling stories with their photography. Go visit Jennifer’s story here and keep on rolling through the blog. Thank you. 

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