Loving the Unlovable

Love is a buzzword right now. The word is used in many different ways in our culture. “Love wins!” “Love is love.” “I love Bono!” We bandy about the word but do we really know what love is? Love is often equated with sex. Sure, there is love with sex but many people will confess if they are being honest that love is not synonymous with sex. 

What is true love? Because everyone I know is searching (craving) for true love. True love that never ever quits. Love that still loves on our very worst days. Love that accepts. Love that wants to be with. Love that covers all our unlovable-ness. 

At my core, I am unlovable. This is the truth about me; it’s the truth about you. I try to hide my unlovable parts. It’s easy to do, isn’t it? Yet, if I am being honest with myself, I can look inward and find darkness with a propensity for rebellion. Is this the end of the story? No. 

There is hope for my plight. I have found a Love that went to unbelievable lengths to recover what was lost in Eden a long time ago. I have found a Love that never ever quits. I have found a Love that still loves on my very worst days. I have found a Love that loves all my unlovable bits. I have found a Love that doesn’t let me hide my unlovable parts but invites me to bring them out into the light. I have found a Love that accepts me right where I am. I have found a Love that wants to be with me in my very worst moments as well as my very best moments. I have found a Love that doesn’t focus on my unlovable bits but transforms them. 

Because when we were all unlovable, Christ loved us. How? Before the Creation of this beautiful world, God existed in complete harmony and love with Himself (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.) Many people think God created humanity because of a deep need to be loved. Never! God created humanity because of the overflow of Love within Himself! He always wanted to dwell with man, to invite him into this harmony. This is still true today. Despite obstacles (man rebelling against God), He has pursued man in order to dwell with him. 

This is why I am crazy about my God. Because I am well and truly loved in my most unlovable moments. This Love has enabled me to love myself and others better. The best news? It’s available for each and every one of us! 

I’m blogging with some lovely, wise women. Take a look at what Tracie has to say about loving the unlovable. Thank you. 

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