10 on 10: Manchester City Centre

Each month, I take part in a 10 on 10 blog roll.  Photographers tell a story with ten photos all on one day on the tenth of the month.  Here’s my offering in black and white from the wonderful city of Manchester, England:



10 on 10

10 on 10

10 on 10



10 on 10

10 on 10


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Brave Soul

One of the bravest women I know is my mother-in-love, Joyce. When I think of the obstacles she has faced, I am in awe. Evacuated as a child during WWII to the countryside, Joyce struggled with a medical condition which no one understood at the time. It caused much pain and rejection in her young life. In her teens, she came to know the love of Jesus in a powerful way. The experience brought healing to her wounded heart.

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Nurse Hollins

Joyce wanted to be a nurse from early on because she desired to help sick people as she struggled with a difficult condition herself. No hospital would take her due to the medical condition but determined as she was, she kept searching. Joyce found a hospital to work in through a friend’s help. She worked steadily in a TB ward for twelve years until she met her husband, a doctor.

My in-laws were married for forty-seven years and truly loved each other. Their marriage produced two wonderful sons, one of which is my sweet husband. My mother-in-love endured losing her beloved husband a few years ago. Yet, she continues to be brave despite being on her own. Joyce continues to struggle with medical problems but never gives up. She clings to her faith tenaciously. In fact, one of her favorite hymns is Rock of Ages.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee.  –Rev. A.M. Toplady

Brave, beautiful soul

Brave, beautiful soul

I admire her, plain and simple; Joyce is beloved by many who know her. When I think of the word brave, she immediately comes to mind. Her resiliency,  courage, and faith speak to me deeply about being brave despite hardship and pain.

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