Fifty & Nifty

I have a birthday hangover in the best sense. By hangover I mean a LOVE hangover. I’ve been celebrating for a few week’s now. I have one more celebration today, and life can return to normal. However, I’ll personally be celebrating all year because it’s my JUBILEE year. I’ll write about jubilee in another post. As I look back on my year, my hangover makes sense.

Oh the difference a year can make! As I turn fifty, I notice some radical changes in myself. Namely, I know I am deeply loved. I no longer look to people as my source of love, I turn to the true Source of Love. His love is FREAKING AMAZING.

That’s it. That’s all she wrote. What more is there to add? Fifty is nifty solely because Jesus loves me, saved my life (in more ways than one) and is WITH ME each and every moment of my life.

May you know you are truly and deeply loved today right where you are.