Old Town Pasadena

I ran some errands in Old Town Pasadena and stumbled upon a hidden treasure. For all the locals* out there, I found The Pie Hole in Pasadena! This little mini market is a true find. I enjoyed shooting with my camera; it made my errands much more bearable.









*This little mini market is right next to Intelligentsia, the most hipster coffee place on the planet. On Colorado Blvd.

10 on 10: Impromptu Date with the Bean (Silverlake)

Waiting for a scrap | iPhone 5

Silverlake | Canon EOS

Though the red X on my hand faded, it hasn’t faded in my heart. #enditmovement

Meow | Canon EOS
Hip Shot | Canon EOS

Good Advice | iPhone 5

Blue Sky Dreams | Canon EOS

Table for Two | Canon EOS

Fashion District | Canon EOS

Take Me Home | iPhone 5

If you love photography that tells a story, click on this link and see Kim’s beautiful photo story. Scroll on through at the end of each blog to see more beautiful days through each woman’s camera. 

10 on 10 (The Dam Run)

6:00 am: Coffee fuels my run

6:30 am: A little pre-run encouragement

7:00 am: The Dam Community includes dogs running their owners

7:15 am: The middle 

7:17 am: The sunrise is glorious every stinkin’ morning 

7:47 am: Running with my Beloved is such a treat

8:03 am: I love my ‘hood

8:14 am: I’m not fast but I can go for a long time

8:52 am: Finally done

9:05 am: Post-run stre-e-e-e-e-e-e-tch
Telling a story is my favorite. I’m blogging with a group of talented photographers who are all telling stories with their photography. Go visit Jennifer’s story here and keep on rolling through the blog. Thank you.