Embracing aging is counter-culture, particularly in LA culture. Boob jobs, Botox, and belly tucks abound. Finding the elusive Fountain of Youth is the path most are on. Well, I want to be the poster child for aging gracefully and naturally, with humor. Because if you can’t laugh about sagging boobs, joint pain and leaking bladders, what can you laugh about?


All photos taken by Bean.


I admit that I’ve had moments of sadness over aging. I think it’s pretty normal to feel some feelings about getting older. I’m kinda in the weird middle-aged stage. And you know what? It does feel awkward like the middle school stage, without the zits or raging pre-pubescent hormones. Gosh, I could use a dash of those pre-pubescent hormones.

About a year ago, I found myself in a dark place; emotionally, spiritually and physically. It wasn’t entirely centered around aging but I certainly felt old, tired, frumpy, overweight, etc. I was only forty-six! I knew I didn’t want to continue on the path I was on. Something had to change, thus, the hashtag heading to 50 feeling nifty came forth.

The philosophy behind the hashtag is I have a long-term goal; to age gracefully and naturally. I want to feel the best I’ve ever felt when I arrive at fifty, which, by the way, will take place in 2019 (freaked out face emoji!) I can’t do quick fixes. In fact, I am shite at quick fixes. If I am having a bad eating day or an “I-don’t-want-to-move-my-butt” day, it doesn’t derail me as it used to in the past because I’m shooting for better overall health, not a quick fix.



 It’s actually changed my perspective drastically. It’s all about how I feel, not what the scale says or what size I am. I’m enjoying this approach so much that I’ve begun to write my next forty years of hashtags! Now, I have made some other changes besides a hashtag but I’ll not bore you with details. I am on a slow, wonderful, invigorating, holistic journey towards better health and I couldn’t be happier.


#headingto100phewI’m blogging with some gorgeous women who love to face things head on so hop on over to Susan’s blog about sitting in a cemetery.

3 thoughts on “#headingto50feelingnifty

  1. I don't laugh about leaky bladders. But I sneeze about them sometimes. And I'm sure Nigel is excited as you head towards 75!!! Thanks for always making my belly hurt and eyes water from laughing so hard. I have known you for about 15 years now, and you have been nifty ever since I met you! I don't expect much to change in the next 50!!! xoxo


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