Love, part deux

Last week, I blogged about Divine love towards humanity. Go here to read the post. Since then, I have been thinking about human love. I found myself in a situation recently where I acted with good intentions and love in my heart towards someone, only to find my actions were not received as love. I learned a painful lesson in that moment. I hadn’t bothered to “ask” the person what they needed from me but felt I knew what that person needed. 

I walked into a shop the other day when a man asked me if I had any spare change. It’s my policy not to give money but instead, I try to buy a meal or a drink for them. I came out with a Snickers bar, handed it to him and walked away. Instantly, I could tell in my bones, my “loving” action wasn’t what this gentleman needed! Sure, it might make me feel good (therein lies the problem) but is it really the most loving thing? 

I can’t get this question out of my mind which means I need to pay attention. I feel something being exposed in me. Is every action that springs to my mind the most loving action? 

I should confess now that this blog post will not be coming to any conclusions. Rather, I’m inviting others into my journey. It’s a journey to figure out what love truly looks like, not my version of love. A journey to discover my true heart motives when giving love to someone. A journey to figure out what IS love? How can I participate in loving others truly, madly, deeply?  Am I willing to give up my concept of love? Am I willing to be uncomfortable in order to love others better? Am I willing to ask others how can I love them better? When I miss the mark with someone, am I willing to humble myself? I accept that I need to grow in this area which is hilarious (not so hilarious) because loving others is a central tenet of my faith. 

I want to be a student of love because love, like oxygen, is vital. 

Thank you for stopping by! I welcome your thoughts, comments, and feedback.

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