52 Weeks in My City-The Los Angeles Breakfast Club


A friend invited me to the Los Angeles Breakfast Club, a quirky, historic breakfast club started in 1925. As I arrived early, I drove around the area to see what I could shoot. I found this old abandoned staircase. Los Angeles has tons of these secret staircases. 

The staircases lace the hillsides of certain L.A. neighborhoods, and are historical reminders of a time when this was not a city of cars. City planners and developers installed them as direct routes for pedestrians—housewives and children particularly—to get down the hills to school, the supermarket, and transit lines.” -Secret Stairs-LA

The morning began historically and ended much the same. A delicious breakfast and a rousing welcome greeted me as I entered the club. 

The Breakfast Club
Making Los Angeles a Better Place since 1925
Shenanigans, Goofiness and Friendship

I have never been to a breakfast like this before. Joy marks this club. There are lots of silly traditions that everyone, and I mean everyone participates in. One must be inducted into the club on the horse above. I thoroughly enjoyed myself; I honestly fell in love with my city a little bit more after experiencing this wonderful event. 

My guess is that if we all explored our city a little bit more, we’d all find treasures like this one. 

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