Touch Not This Cat!

I’ve been pretty discouraged in my photography lately. I am behind in my 52 Weeks in My City project. Honestly, I’ve felt like quitting the project entirely. I bemoaned this to the Bean; whining and complaining. 

“I don’t have “it” in photography!” (Whatever the heck “it” means.) 

“I have old, outdated equipment!” 

I’m just not feeling it.”

“So and so has talent…” 

“I’m so behind, I might as well just give up.” 

I gave Eeyore a run for his money. The Bean tried to encourage me. I could not hear it. We stopped to do an errand and I waited in the car. All around me, I kept seeing photographs I could make. The fifteen minutes alone in the car showed me something. I actually do have photography in me. IT’S IN ME! 

By the time Bean came back to the car, the fight and fire came alive in me; kicking the lies aside. I began to tell the Bean that I couldn’t quit photography, I loved it too much. This he knew all along. But his response made me rock with laughter. 

“Yeah! That’s the McGilvray I know! Fight for it. I knew you had the fight! Touch Not This Cat!” he yelled.  I howled with laughter. You see, my heritage is Scottish and Touch Not This Cat is our clan motto. A pretty badass motto, if I do say so myself. 

Thank you for sending this to me, Uncle Andrew! 

Oh, how I love the Bean. 

I will not give up. I may not have the most talent or the best equipment, but I do have the heart for photography and for people, whom I love to photograph. Stay tuned for the next installment of 52 Weeks In My City.

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