How to Trust God for the (seemingly) Impossible

A few weeks ago, I had the idea of doing a “How to” Blog series. I am blogging once a week on a topic sharing “how to” do something. I am no expert, but I am writing out of my experience. I have age and grey hair on my side. 

My family is trusting God for some impossible things right now. By impossible, I mean things I cannot make happen on my own. Here are a few things I have learned on the wonderful, scary journey of trusting God for the impossible. 

1. Did God speak? 
  • I went through a period of time where I found myself being disappointed with God. In my opinion, He didn’t come through for me on certain promises. God gently showed me that I was presuming He had promised certain things when actually He hadn’t spoken specifically. Now I make sure I have heard specifically from Him. Abraham is a great example. God promised Abraham a son. Abraham believed (though impossible to make happen on his own). This is the correct order. 
2. Trust. 
  • If God has spoken, then hold onto the promise no matter what. No matter how impossible it may seem, hold on. God is in the business of doing the impossible. Freaking out is entirely acceptable. It does not mean there is no faith. Hezekiah freaked out too (check out Hezekiah’s story in Isaiah 36-37). Last week, I was freaking out. God does not get impatient with me, He just reminds me to trust Him. 
3. Pray. 
  • Pray. I have been praying and praying about the situation facing our family because I have a relationship with God. However, I love that God reminds me it is not up to me. I pray often and often, I forget to pray (and freak out instead). My lack of prayer doesn’t affect the outcome. It’s up to God, not up to me. My job is to trust. Read #2. 
4. Do the possible; let God do the impossible. 
  • I ask if there is anything I can do (obey). God will often ask me to be active in my faith. My other job is to obey and sometimes step out in faith.  Do the possible; let God do the impossible. 
5. Recount the times God has been faithful. 
  • This ought to keep me busy and stop me from freaking out. God’s faithfulness never ever ends. 
5. God is good. Period. 
  • If I never see the fulfillment of the promise, He is still good. I may go to my grave never seeing the fulfillment of all that God promised me. I am in good company because many heroes of the faith did the same thing. Still, I believe. I hold on. I don’t give up. 

I hope these few tips help. I will probably have to come back and read this again when I am tempted to freak out. 

What challenges you most about this post? 

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