The Great Environmentalist

To Whom am I referring? God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I heard this quote recently that made me laugh out loud. 

“God toyed with the idea of destroying human-kind with the Flood but He never toyed with destroying the animal kingdom, instead He built an Ark.” Landa Cope

In the Judeo-Christian worldview, it is believed that God created the Universe with order, complexity, design and beauty. He did this with the express purpose of blessing Man with His Creation. In the beginning, Man was charged with tending and nurturing Creation. Um, this is still our job, folks. 

In this worldview, it is also believed that sin entered God’s Creation through Man, marring himself and Creation. Creation was innocent in this! Something terrible was unleashed into the world at that time. 

God immediately set about to redeem Mankind. But guess what? He also set about to redeem His Creation! The Creator LOVES His Creation. He takes great joy in it. The world we live in is utterly beautiful, isn’t it? Can you imagine what it was like in its pristine form? 

Why am I writing about this? I often hear those who have a Judeo-Christian worldview praying to LOVE the things that God loves or praying that their hearts would break for the things that break God’s heart. Well, I have news for those who are believers. God loves His Creation! And it breaks His heart when it gets abused. 

So, Church, let’s love the things He created! How can it be that so many of us who hold to the Judeo-Christian worldview don’t give a rip about environmentalism, conservation, and saving the planet? Oh, I know why. We don’t think it’s spiritual. It’s old, ugly dualism, rearing its ugly head. Spirit is good, matter is bad. This is not Biblical, it’s a Greek idea that has influenced the Church since the first century.  What does it say about our theology and our view of God if we trash His Creation? We, as the Church, should be the biggest, fattest, most vocal environmentalists! 

This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears
All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.
This is my Father’s world: I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;
His hand the wonders wrought.*

This hymn, written by a man who hiked out in nature, had the proper worldview of nature. 

As I was hiking the other day, I was so struck by the beauty in my backyard; I felt God challenge me in my worldview. I am humbled because I have often not lived out what I am currently ranting about in this blog. I never want to rant about something I am not living out. I desire to live as consistently with my worldview as I can, with the help of the Lord, of course. I am preaching to myself here. 

It’s imperative that we, as the Church, get on board with this Biblical thinking. If we are to disciple the Nations as Jesus charged us with, then we must disciple them in tending and nurturing God’s Creation as well as other practical things. Why? Because it is what God gave Man to do in the beginning. That mandate has not changed! We should deem the environment and life important simply because God made them. God does not care only about souls, He is in the business of redeeming All of Creation. 

Rant over. For now, anyway.  

PS. I hope I ruffled some feathers. If I did, please comment. I know how to spar respectively. 

*Maltbie D. Babcock, 1901

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