52 Weeks in My City-Hollywood

Hollywood Boulevard is famous in LA! Bean and I had the opportunity to go search for a billboard that is emblazoned with a friend’s photograph, shot with his iPhone 6. We made it a date/photography night. 

Many times, I question my photography. Do I have “it”? The eye? I care too much what others think. I can easily get in a photography funk. I certainly don’t have the newest or best gear. I often feel limited. I compare myself with others. Oh, I hate this but it’s true. I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” I know I am not alone in this. 

This photography gig comes from my heart, though. It brings me joy, life and adventure. I love when I know I captured the shot! I have met the most amazing people through photography. That alone makes photography worth it. Even if no one likes my photography, if I like it, that’s all that should matter, right? Yes, I will keep telling myself this! I do know photography is a gift from God and I am grateful! 

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