To All the Single Ladies

Dear Single Ladies and Gents, 

I am writing you because I care about the single people in my life. It probably seems strange hearing from me because I am married. What do I know of single life? Perhaps I am not qualified? Just for the record, I was single once and contrary to popular belief, I do remember what it felt like. 

I am writing to tell you something supremely important. Listen up, peeps. I pray to the Lord I am not the only one telling you this truth. 

You are complete as you are, as a single person. 

Yes, you heard me right. You are complete as you are! You are a whole person! (I can’t even believe I have to tell some of you this, but I know I do.)

What do I see? A beautiful, complete human being. 

You don’t need a spouse to complete you or fulfill you. You can find that as a single person. You should find it as a single person. If you think that you are not complete or fulfilled or a whole person until you get married, have I got news for you. Marriage ain’t gonna do it for ya! Also, I call bull-shite, which is a Biblical term. 

Now, I can hear the arguments piling up as I write. Shush. Just listen. I am sorry that society and even the Church has given you the message that you are less than because you are not married. It grieves me deeply. That is simply not true. Please forgive me if I have ever made you feel this way. 

I pray for many of my single friends to find spouses. I don’t pray for them because they are not whole until marriage, I pray this because it’s the desire of their hearts! However, after thinking about it, I am going to change my prayers. I pray that my single friends find fulfillment in who they are as single humans. I pray that God shows them how valuable they are as single humans. I pray that my single friends see the place they have in the Kingdom of God just as they are. 

This goes for the gents, too. 

I am not slamming marriage by any means but I am confronting the idea that marriage is the be-all and end-all to life. You might think it is easy for me to say because, for crying out loud, I am married. True. I may not know the pain that some struggle with singleness. I do not mean to diminish that pain in any way. But I am going to keep repeating the fact that you are complete as you are, single and all. 

If, as a single, you desire to be married, that is wonderful! Just make sure it is for the right reasons. You are complete as you are, my friend. You are a wonderful, whole human being. I pray you hear the Spirit echo my words. 

With much love and respect, 


PS The Bible does not teach that you are less than if you are not married, either, FYI. Just sayin’. 

2 thoughts on “To All the Single Ladies

  1. “PS The Bible does not teach that you are less than if you are not married, either, FYI. Just sayin'.”

    Thankfully, God's Word is ALL that I need to encourage me in my singleness and in my overall Christian walk. Your human words here are, quite frankly, utterly patronizing. As an aside you throw in as your final comment what the Bible teaches? A little bass-ackwards, dontcha think?


  2. Dear Anonymous, I stand by my post and I stand by my comment on what the Bible teaches yet, I am sorry you find it patronizing. I'd love to dialogue with you if you are willing. Something in my post touched a raw spot in you! I'd love to know what exactly is patronizing in my post? Feel free to share. I am open to constructive criticism but snarky, anonymous comments aren't helpful at all.


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