Don’t Neglect Your Heart

This is something I have been pondering lately. The thought came from the huge revelation that hit me a few weeks ago. 


What does this mean? I’m not talking diet and exercise. I am talking tending and caring for my heart, which I believe is a spiritual act that God calls us to do.  In defining the word “heart”, I’d say it’s the very core of me; my thoughts, feelings and core beliefs. Webster’s defines “heart” as the heart thought of as the place where emotions are felt. Well said, Noah. 

I grew up with the message that others’ hearts were more important. My emotions, thoughts and feelings were not cherished or championed or often heard. Somewhere along the line I “caught” the message that my heart did not matter. This was not intentional on anyone’s part, it’s just the way the chips fell in my life. 

To add to that, I grew up in the Church where the message was very much others-focused lest we become self-centered, God forbid. What’s hilarious about that wrong belief is that taking care of the very core of our being is something the Bible preaches and teaches so I don’t know where that load of BS came from…but it affected me deeply, probably due to my own brokenness.

There is an analogy that I heard early on in my parenting days. When taking a flight, the attendant will tell the passengers to make sure they put the oxygen mask on themselves first before trying to help others. It is true of parenting, right? I think it’s true about our hearts as well. I must take care of my own heart first before being able to care for other hearts. I can’t give to others what my own heart does not have! 

So begins the task of taking care of my heart. I am excited, to be honest, to discover what taking care of my heart looks like. I’d like to ask my readers, what does it look like to tend your heart? 

3 thoughts on “Don’t Neglect Your Heart

  1. firstly all those beautiful hearts you found touched my HEART! I especially love that bumper that has two in one! Gosh Meg, so much of the time I read your stuff and just nod yes in agreement. I also was raised in church were we sort of set our own feelings and self care aside to take care of others. But how on earth would that work if we don't first care for ourselves. It's a silly notion that I could give my full being to help someone else when I would be say running on fumes rather than a full tank of gas. I had a discussion with a family member recently where I was speaking of taking care of ones self, and they said “isn't that a new age way of thinking? ” WHAT? seriously? You think God wants us to neglect ourselves and not take the most care of the blessing of life he gave to us, the bodily temple he loans us while on earth? There is so much in scripture to back what you are saying. The faith I was raised in was fear based and sometimes I resent that. It was extremely legalistic which I also have a problem with. I mean I believe in rules but it was so not Jesus. Okay I'm going way off but I think you see where my heart is.

    Love your friend and sister


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