Prayers of my Heart


I am so broken but I am at peace. (I recently whispered this prayer…)

“I am not trying anymore.”

Scandalous but oh so freeing. My thoughts are indeed prayers.  My prayers echo David’s cries of long ago. 

“Let me not be put to shame.”

“…for you I wait all the day long.”

“Turn to me and be gracious to me for I am lonely and afflicted…”

Yet, You are near. 

I can hold on to You because David held on. Countless others have held on. I hold on. 

In hope.
In trust. 


(I am finding that God is putting His finger on places of wounding and brokenness that need to be attended to right now. This was brought up by a massive renovation that is taking place on our home. It’s correlating well with the renovation that is going on in my heart.) 

To read some more honest truth about prayer, roll on through to my dear friend Staci’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Prayers of my Heart

  1. You have the most open and loving and hopeful heart and I think of you and how it must be very difficult and especially this time of year with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas next month and your home being all under renovation. But I know of all the people I do know that you will take it as a growing experience, you will find the reason, there will be a lesson and you are always open to these lessons. I love how your friend Staci found a key of hope and gifted you this reminder. I also love your blog how it's filled with inspiration and ….HOPE.

    Love your friend Tracie


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