The Art of Sexting

There is a certain art to sexting. Through experience, I have learned how to sext and how not to sext. And I, for free, will give tips to ensure safe sexting with your beloved. 

I must admit, I laughed when I heard the word sexting became one of our English words and now it’s even in the dictionary. 

Now that I have actually read the definition, I am blushing and praying my man-cubs don’t read this blog! Anyhoo, I will set minds at ease. This post will not be R-rated or X-rated. It might be a little racy but not explicit. 

I highly recommend sexting for any marriage but you must use caution. Sexting is important to keep the passion alive. Sexting can be hilarious and racy and sexy. It builds the anticipation and excitement for us women which can be supremely important. Have you heard the saying that women are like crock-pots? They need to be plugged in and simmer all day. Men are like microwaves; push a few buttons and they are ready to go! Sexting can build intimacy and a sense of mystery. And let’s get real, it can be a turn-on! 

As I said, you must use caution when sexting. Here are a few tips I have picked up along the way: 

  1. When sexting, make sure the sext is sent to the person intended. Yes, make sure it doesn’t accidentally almost go to a male student whose name is similar to the person intended. In my phone, Nigel is under Bean. I had a student named Beamer. (Barely dodged a bullet there.) 
  2. Also, make sure the sext does not go to your mother or mother-in-law. This will effectively kill the mood you were trying to create and completely confuse the mothers. 
  3. When driving and receiving possible sexts from your beloved, make sure you do not ask your offspring to read the sext aloud because you are trying to obey the traffic laws in your state. Said offspring will be entirely grossed out and retching sounds will also effectively kill the mood. 
  4. When sexting your beloved, make sure he or she is not in a meeting where others could sneak a read of the text when it pops up. Speaking of something popping up, it could also become quite embarrassing for your husband if that does indeed happen while in the meeting.  
  5. Make sure you proofread each and every sext. You don’t need auto-correct to mess up your mojo. My examples are too explicit so you will just have to use your imagine on this one. 

I hope this list helps you navigate the world of sexting. Sexting is really just flirting through text. My challenge for my readers is to go sext your beloved! Even if it’s not explicit, tell them how much you love them and appreciate them. It will make their day! If you need ideas, go read the Song of Solomon in the Bible. It’s a handbook on the art of wooing and seduction. I love that God made sure this book was in the Bible. Sex is a gift from God, people! (Now I am preaching…)

Do you have a funny or embarrassing sexting story? Please share! 

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