The Three L’s

I love learning. It’s something I recently discovered about myself and it’s something I love to do! It’s one of the reasons I love homeschooling, too. I often say that I am re-educating myself. Lately, I have been challenged to become a life-long learner. I am also challenged to raise life-long learners. My philosophy is education does not stop when “formal” education stops. If I can teach my man-cubs to love learning and HOW to learn (and how to think for themselves), then I consider my years as a homeschool mom a success. 

Trip to the Library (Rolleicord V, Portra 160 film)

I have a plan that I felt led to share and invite others to join me in my quest to be a life-long learner. This next year, I will not be leading the nine-month intensive Bible school as I have the last two years and consequently, I will have a bit more time on my hands. There are many books out there I long to read but just haven’t had the time to do so. My plan is that I will read one book a month for learning purposes or study and one book a month for pleasure. This might seem slow for others but I tend to set my goals too high, then fail, then moan and bewail that I am a failure, then end up depressed. This plan will ward off a need for Prozac because it’s doable for me. Set your own goal that is accomplishable. 

The area where I feel called to is the subject of worldview; Biblical and other worldviews as well. I will center my reading list around this particular subject but I am open to other subjects. I will choose books that deal with worldview because I feel quite passionate about worldview and how it affects every single one of us. For instance, how does one’s worldview shape economic policies, gender issues, etc. If ideas (or worldviews) have consequences, then how are we affected by those consequences? Does worldview play into the rise and decline of society? It’s such a vast subject. I am already getting excited. What subject are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to study but just never got around to doing so? What area would you want to delve into if you set aside a year to study? I’d love to hear. I am also open to suggestions. 

A recent book list (Pentax ME Fuji 200 film)

A little side tangent: I want to champion Christians to use their brains! This is not hard for most people but when it comes to the church, well, it’s a slightly different story. Why? I think it has to do with my personal pet peeve, the sacred/secular dualism many Christians live under (and don’t even know it.) “My name is Megan and I am a recovering dualist!” Let me ‘splain. It’s the idea that the Bible or “spiritual” things are good for church life and personal life, but not relevant to other areas of our life, like business, science, work, play, etc. There is a split between the sacred and the secular for many in the church. For instance, books are okay if they are “Christian.” If not, they are secular and therefore, bad. This can apply to many things, like vocation. Full time ministry is good; banking (or fill in the blank) is secular and not as “spiritual”. Chronicles of Narnia series is good; Harry Potter bad. Ooooh, have I stepped on some toes? I have harped on this before! This is not the Biblical worldview. Now, I do think God gave us discernment and we need to use it. Not every book is going to be good for us but let’s not just declare all secular books to be bad! Frankly, most “Christian” literature is lame when it should be the most excellent of all. And don’t get me started on Christian music. I will stop preaching now. I know, this is supposed to be a blog, not a SERMON. 

My personal belief is that God gave me a brain and He wants me to use it, exercise it and expand it! Guess what else? God allows questioning. Oh no, she dinnit!  Yes, He does! God loves questions and can handle every single one.  God is also an asker of questions! One particular time, God asks Job a question and prefaces it by saying, “Gird your loins like a man, I will question you.” Holy Moly! Hopefully, Job was wearing Depends. 

Let’s get back to the subject at hand. I also want to read for pleasure because that’s the joy in life, isn’t it? I have a book waiting by my bedside table and I cannot wait to crack it. The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais. Delicious. My first study book I am starting this summer is called Church History in Plain Language by Bruce L. Shelley. As a Bible teacher, I do need to know church history. If you are interested in my reading list (it’s not complete yet), leave me a comment and I will send it along. 

Well, I better start reading! I would love to have others join me. I don’t care what you want to study, it might be something entirely different than me! Good! Go for it. Let’s be life-long learners together. Let’s use and expand and challenge our minds. Let’s ask questions and be okay if we don’t find the answers! Let’s be open to different points of view and continue to be curious about the wonderful world around us. Let’s embrace the three L’s, life-long learning! 

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