One of the Best Men I Know

My Dad is one of the best men that I know. Why, you ask? My Dad didn’t have the easiest life. Yet, he worked hard and sacrificed for his family. One of the things I admire most about him is that when I was a teenager, he realized he had a drinking problem. He made the choice to become sober. It’s been a lifelong journey and it’s been a blessing to watch him fight for health and wholeness. My Dad is one of my biggest cheerleaders and my brothers and sisters would say the same. My Dad has a wonderful sense of humor. He often teases I am going to be cut out of his will. My Dad passed on a love (hate, to be honest) for running. We go on hikes together now and I love our conversations. It’s one of my favorite things to discuss life and books and deep things. He is battling cancer (a few, actually) and he does it with grace and laughter and a sense of getting every last drop of life out of his life. He is pushing eighty and just ran a 5k. I am proud to be his daughter! 

2 thoughts on “One of the Best Men I Know

  1. I didn't know he had cancer(s), Meg. I am really sorry. I wish I could meet your papa. I love his smile. (And I love that picture of you two when you were young. Precious! )

    ~ Misha


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