The Bible, Sex and Photography

I bet this title will bring me a few more readers. I wanted to explain why I named my blog, “Meg…on tap”. As I was sitting in a very hipster cafe with my friend discussing blog titles, I found I did not want to pigeon-hole myself. I didn’t want it to be “All Bible, All the Time!” or something like that. 

I wanted to be able to talk about the Bible, sex and photography. Three of my favorite subjects, I might add. Apparently, I wanted to talk about hormones too but I didn’t yet know this at the time. Thank goodness I didn’t name the blog, “Meg’s Menopause Manual!” I’d have a very limited readership. 

I wanted to be able to wax on about anything and everything, which is why I named my post “Meg…on tap.” 

I have been trying to write a post on the value of women. I am struggling with it! I just can’t seem to get the words right. It’s supposed to be a series, no less. Oh my heck. What was I thinking? I know the first rule of blogging, photography, sex, etc., is to stick with what you know. I do know about the value of women but it’s not translating well so I will talk about something else for now.  Hmmmmm. 

Write what you know.

As I was saying, I love the Bible. If you read my rant the other day than you know my feelings about sex. Photography? I haven’t talked much about photography! It’s something I love to do. Yet, I found that I need emotional energy to create. My emotional tank had been depleted and my photography suffered. I’ve picked it back up recently and it brings me such joy. Art is good therapy! Photography helps me connect with my Creator. He creates beauty and loves it when His kids do too. I love people and I am drawn to photographing them. If you’d like to see some of my work, check out my Flickr or my 100 Strangers Project.

I will keep posting about things I know and I will venture into things I don’t know as well because why not? Stay tuned in case I finish my value of women series. It might just come to me after all. 

What is one of your favorite subjects to wax on about? 

3 thoughts on “The Bible, Sex and Photography

  1. This made me laugh. I just LOVE you. You are one of my favorite people to hear talk about sex and the Bible. I would love to hear (read) you talk about raising teens, parenting, teaching, more on marriage, writing, girlfriend connections and friendship, your inner world, body image (that one most bc I love all you say and write about that), running, menopause (dead serious) (or should I say deadly serious?) – – – all of that. K? : )



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