Who is the woman behind this blog? 
I may never dye my greying hair but heck yeah, I dye my eyebrows!
I’m the child of divorce but have been married twenty years. 
My inner Mexican likes her food muy caliente. 

I used to want the quick fix, but now I see the beauty of the long way around. 
I was surprised to find insecurity arise in me when considering a blog. Take that, Insecurity!

My alter ego is Cruella de Vil. She might guest blog occasionally. 
“If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.”
I vacillate between not caring what the scale says and caring, dammit. 
My heart is to be real and authentic but never compromising in my beliefs. 
I want to go through life with grace, laughter and love. Which is easier said than done and sounds like a Hallmark card. 
Recently had a discussion with my man-cubs about hormones and bodies and how they change. I was talking about me. 
Grace has changed me. It’s been slow and steady and I am grateful.

My favorite thing about myself is my nose ring. Yes, I will be eighty years old and sportin’ a nose ring!

I am starting this blog because I wanted a place to write, grow and put my thoughts out there. 

I loved these sunglasses so I took a selfie…good thing I did. They are now lost forever. 
There’s a little bit about me. Thanks for reading along. I will be asking questions at the end of each blog. I’d love to hear from you! So, what is one thing you love about yourself? Do you have an alter ego? If so, do tell! 

19 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. What do I love about myself? Since I still struggle with low self-esteem, tough question… I guess I could say my creativity. My alter ego? Have a fake Facebook page under a pseudonym, if I told you HIS name I'd have to kill you, lol!

    Good blog, I enjoyed it very much!


  2. I am not sure about my alter ego. I have had people describe me as sweet, warm, a hurricane and scary ( my teenager LOL) I think I am whatever I need to be to fulfill the purpose at hand. Which is what I most like about myself…I feel deeply and have a tendency to fall into deep depressions but somehow God always gives me the ability to snap out of it and move forward… if I am anything, I am dependable!


  3. Welcome to blogland Meg I am thrilled you are here! I don't believe I have an alter ego but do know God blessed me compassion and a incredible ability to serve animals. I love how they fill my heart with joy and being able to make a difference in their life is beyond measure. Looking forward to visiting you here often.
    Your friend Jen


  4. Yay! Your joy and embrace of your daily life inspires me. Your unconditional acceptance and non-judgemental friendship is what always draws me closer. Yay for blogging. Maybe I can be as cool as you one day 🙂


  5. Oh thank God! I can say another dream of mine has come true. I LOVE YOUR WORDS.

    As to what I love about myself? The fact that I can hang a picture perfectly on a wall with just eyeballing it. It makes all my constant wall art changes so much easier. : )

    – Misha


  6. You are the cutest thing! I have been thinking that ever since the first day you came home from the hospital :). What do I love about myself? My platinum streak in my hair and my generosity. I love this post and what to give Insecurity a jib jab. XO.


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